Why shoulder pain, what to do?

Woman holding her shoulder in pain

Pain can be felt in different parts of the human body. Shoulder or knee pain can also be due to various reasons. Shoulder and knee problems and arthroscopic surgery are discussed in the fifth episode of SKF’s ‘Coronary Disease’ program.

Assistant Professor of the National Orthopedic Hospital and Rehabilitation Institute (NITOR) was a guest on the occasion. GM Jahangir Hossain

Dr. was in the performance. Audible Touhida. The show aired simultaneously live on Prothom Alo’s Facebook page and YouTube channel and SKF’s Facebook page on September 4.

The causes of shoulder pain were known at the beginning. In addition to the shoulder joint’s own problems, shoulder pain can also be caused by problems in different parts of the body. Shoulder pain can also be caused by neck problems, inflammation of the gallbladder or lung problems. One of the causes of shoulder pain is injury.
Road accidents, falling while playing can injure the shoulder joint in many ways. In such cases, it is necessary to take the injured person to the emergency department of the hospital as soon as possible.

Assistants should keep in mind that the patient’s shoulder joint should be stable, that is, so that there is no tension in that area. After being taken to the hospital, the doctor examined the patient’s place of injury and treated him according to the type of injury.

Many patients who have had their shoulder joint removed tend to have the same problem again. In this case, the strength of the hand is reduced; it may be difficult to move the hand in different directions as needed.
Dr. GM Jahangir Hussein said that arthroscopic surgery is such an advanced treatment. With the help of technology, it is possible to fix the internal problems of the couple without cutting the place of surgery. The patient himself can see on the monitor what kind of surgery is going on in his body, and there is also an opportunity to give him the video during the surgery. Such treatment does not put the patient at risk of bleeding, the patient can return to normal life in a much shorter time after surgery than other common surgeries. In the case of shoulder arthroscopic surgery, the patient can quickly eat food with his own hands, brush his teeth or comb his hair.

Many people also suffer from frozen shoulder. Diabetes, thyroid problems, strokes, etc. can cause such problems, but in some cases there may be no specific cause. Exercise is the main treatment for such problems. After learning the exercises, you have to exercise at home regularly.

Young woman feeling pain in her knee
Young woman feeling pain in her knee

One of the causes of knee pain is internal changes in the knee joint due to age-related degeneration. If such problems are in the early stages, the pain can be controlled through some lifestyle changes. For example, you can’t sit or stand like that for long periods of time, you have to break down stairs as little as possible, you have to lose weight if you have excess weight, you have to control your diabetes and thyroid problems.

Some medications need to be taken if the problem is moderate. However, in case of severe problems, only the knee joint needs to be replaced. In the case of knee transplants, life has become much easier, even though the condition has not returned to normal

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