What to do if you have ear problems?

girl with megaphone, shouting loudly into the ear of a screaming guy.

Many times we do not pay much attention to ear problems. But the consequences can be dangerous, affecting the brain. At this time in Corona, everyone is capturing more and more mobiles or laptops. Looking to find your own leisure in online chats, games or web series to cut down on mental fatigue. Most of the time you may have earphones or headphones in your ears.

Virtual meetings, webinars are putting extra strain on the ears. Arindam Biswas, a doctor of medicine in India, said that online classes are also doing great harm to children.

Many people are afraid to go to the doctor in fear of corona. Ear problems are also increasing due to this negligence. Ear fungus infections may increase slightly during the rainy season, and headphone use has also increased; So even if it seems to be a minor problem, Sochi’s friend, a nose-ear-throat specialist, advised her to go to the doctor.

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He said that when he gets cold, the runny nose goes to the ears and causes infection. Everyone from adults to children can get ear infections. Again there is a direct connection of the brain with the ear. In addition, sinus problems, allergies, mucus accumulation, these can also cause ear infections. Infection can also be from headphones.

The expert doctor further said that if there is an ear problem, many people stab it with a bud which is very harmful. If there is any infection, eardrum perforation i.e. rupture of eardrum may occur. In that case you may lose your hearing. Complications from ear problems can affect the brain.

So if you feel any discomfort in the ear, you should take the advice of a doctor directly.

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