Suffering from constipation and hemorrhoids? How to recover?

I think the beginning of the day should be happy. But in this country, the morning is practically a nightmare for about one core or more people. Because Sarah is afraid of the morning ritual. Most of them are suffering from hemorrhoids. About one core people get hemorrhoids treatment in our country every year. The number of patients who do not get the opportunity to get treatment or go to the hammer is not less. Almost every family in this country suffers from hemorrhoids. Lack of proper eating habits leads to constipation or constipation, then many people gets hemorrhoids, such as surgeon Sandeep Chakraborty.

Not only is constipation responsible, it also increases the risk of hemorrhoids in chronic diarrhea. Being overweight is another major cause of this disease. Like Sandeep Babu, “People who try to stay in the toilet for long periods of time are more prone to hemorrhoids. The elders of the family also force the children to get up in the morning. That’s not right. The body will work according to its rules, the urge to defecate from the toilet for a long time calls for hemorrhoids. So if the child doesn’t go to breakfast one day, don’t force him. “

Constipation can be eliminated by eating fiber-rich foods. On the other hand, if hemorrhoids are a problem, many people are afraid to go to the doctor for fear of surgery, but there is no benefit. Rather it will be a loss. Surgery is performed only at the very last stage. Otherwise, the problem of hemorrhoids can be easily cured in various ways, said Sandeep Babu.

The medical name for hemorrhoids is hemorrhoids. If someone in the family has hemorrhoids, the risk of hemorrhoids is much higher than others. People who gain more weight also have this problem. And the risk of hemorrhoids increases during the physical changes of expectant mothers. However, the disease can not increase if you follow the rules.

From grade-1 to grade-4, there are four stages in total. If you are careful at the beginning, the disease cannot spread. In most cases, there is a tendency to hide the disease out of hesitation. As a result, it continues to grow. One thing is for sure, however, that modern medical science can easily seize hemorrhoids. When the disease progresses to the third or fourth stage, there is no other option but to undergo surgery. Hemorrhoids are diagnosed with digital rectal examination and proctoscope.

Healing in laser surgery

From the time of Sushruta, the father of surgery, surgery was used to cure hemorrhoids. With the help of alternative methods, many people aggravate the disease, including heartburn. If caught in the early stages, the spread of the disease can be prevented instead of drugs and lifestyle. But when it increases, the help of rubber band ligation and injection is taken. This method has been going on since the time of Sushruta. This was followed by surgery to remove the hemorrhoids. It is difficult to hold the stool even if the disease is cured. It takes a long time to recover. In recent times, however, Doppler-guided hemorrhoid artery ligation has been used to relieve hemorrhoids.

Do’s and don’t s

At the root of this disease are wrong eating habits. Many people do not eat vegetables. Many are reluctant to drink water.

It is important to drink 3-3.5 liters of water, said Sandeep Babu.

Include five types of vegetables in your daily diet. All kinds of vegetables should be eaten except potatoes and onions. Dhandash plays a significant role in reducing constipation. Those who are suffering from constipation will get relief from the problem by playing dammar twice according to the rules.

• Spinach, lettuce and other vegetables should be included in the lunch.

Eat vegetables of the time including pumpkin, gourd, patal. Vegetables including peel should be eaten.

• Cucumber Khan with peel. Most fruits including banana, guava, lemon, mango, and blackberry have fiber. As a rule, it is better to eat 3-4 fruits a day.

Do not sit in the toilet for a long time and do not put pressure. This leads to problems.

Maintain weight by exercising regularly. Excess weight increases the risk of hemorrhoids.

Do not lift heavy objects.

Quit smoking.

Alcohol leads to problems.

Grill cannot be eaten.

Don’t eat grilled meat like kebabs.

Eating flour increases the problem. Chumming is made into flour. So is Memo. So such foods should be excluded.

Eat cakes, biscuits in moderation. Instead of rice, you can eat oats.

If constipation, try to cure it.

• Consult a doctor at the beginning of hemorrhoids.

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